Michael Van Kesteren, Concept art & Design

Software Skills include:

Cinema 4D, autocad, Photoshop, mudbox, after effects, Final cut, adobe premiere, Cura (3D printing)

ABout me...

I trained in aircraft structural engineering in college, and was a mechanical engineering draughtsman in the Netherlands for a few years, where I drew up plans for factory layouts, designed robot grippers and conveyor systems. After a while I felt I needed a creative challenge and decided to move to Cape Town to work in the film and TV industry there. After a few years working on a wide range of projects in various roles, from puppeteer to fabricator and draughtsman to concept and VFX artist, I moved back to the UK after being offered to work on three seasons of Da Vinci's Demons designing Da Vinci's inventions. 

Over the years I've managed to acquire a wide range of skills which have all built upon my mechanical engineering background. Amongst those is a very clear understanding of fabrication processes, which includes CNC manufacturing, composite materials and 3D printing.

In my spare time I'm usually building a model kit of some sort, or collecting Transformers..